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1. Initial Assessment

The process of Medicaid planning begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s financial situation. Our team reviews Medicaid eligibility and determines if the client actually qualifies for Medicaid. If he or she does not, we find and present the best solutions to help the client get qualified.

2. Explore Opportunities

Once we’ve evaluated the client’s situation, we explore ways to preserve assets as much as possible within Medicaid Rules. Our goal during this process is to keep the client from spending down their entire life-savings in order to qualify for Medicaid.

3. File an Application

Once we’ve equipped clients with the proper information necessary to complete their Medicaid application, the client has two options. He or she can handle the application process on their own, or they can have Medicaid Consulting Group manage the representation and filing of the application.

Full assessment & planning sessions typically require 1-2 hours to complete.

Non-Attorney Representation

For those who would like support during the application process, Medicaid Consulting Group can provide non-attorney representation and advocacy throughout both preparation and engagement phases. These services includes:

  • File construction with supporting documents
  • Application and ancillary form completion and submission
  • Communication on your behalf with assigned state caseworker
  • Application monitoring and medical evaluation
  • Audit of approval/certification and filing of appeal if necessary
  • Final consultation for approval/certification review, eligibility maintenance and annual redetermination requirements

Flat, Fair Fees

Our fees are determined after a complete assessment and planning session. Fees vary based on the complexity and dynamics of each case and are typically less than the cost of a one month long term care private pay rate.  Flat fees are guaranteed and provide clarity for our clients in determining the level of service desired. Because our services are considered a benefit of the applicant, our fees are considered part of the accepted spend-down.

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