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Although most long term care providers who accept Medicaid have a good working knowledge of Medicaid eligibility requirements, taking on the role of a financial advisor of an applicant can have liabilities and pitfalls. Even if some providers have years of experience in assisting with the completion of applications and fully understand the parameters that govern the spend down of excess resources, using Medicaid Consulting Group as a resource is always an option. While it’s important for case managers to be aware of what’s happening with their client, it can be overwhelming to manage proper application and document submission, tracking of accounts and completion of medical evaluations. We provide services to the clients of providers, as well as workshops to help case managers and social workers better understand the ins and outs of the Medicaid process.

Benefits and services available to long term care providers includes:

  • Accurate determination of target eligibility date.
  • Reduction of extended patient accounts due to Medicaid pending status.
  • Assistance with problem cases.
  • Assistance with complicated cases.
  • Continuing Education class for Certified Case Managers.

Continuing Education: Pathway to Medicaid Approval

Medicaid Consulting Group is a PACE certified course provider. Our course, Pathway to Medicaid Approval, is meant to educate professionals with a better understanding of long term care Medicaid eligibility. Proper Medicaid planning can help mitigate the problem of unpaid accounts and smooth the transition from private pay to Medicaid.

Topics Include:

  • Tools to communicate and explain LTC Medicaid eligibility
  • What Medicaid planning is and why it makes sense
  • Qualification requirements and early detection of eligibility problems
  • How to solve common eligibility problems before an application is denied
  • Preparing residents for the transition from private pay to Medicaid
  • Special protections and exemptions for those who are married

When transitioning a client from private pay to Medicaid, tens of thousands of dollars are on the line, meaning a huge impact for the provider. With so many variables that have a direct impact on eligibility, even an applicant with an empty bank account can still be denied for any number of reasons. With the help of Medicaid Consulting Group, long term care providers are able to help properly manage their clients’ Medicaid eligibility case.

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